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Who is the rootin' tootinest meth head , country sangin', gay polygamist tiger taming presidential candidate cult leader around? JOE EXOTIC of course! Get yourself this digitally produced 11x14 flash sheet to commemorate the time there was a worldwide pandemic, and the world could only talk about how Carole Baskins killed her ex-husband! Everytime you glance at this sheet, your mind will automatically play the hit songs "I saw a tiger" and "Here Kitty Kitty" for your enjoyment. Printed on a heavy cardstock, this sheet is a perfect gift for that Joe Exotic lover in your life. Produced by Mike Stoll @mike_stoll and Shawn Patton @shawnpattontattooer. $2 of all purchases of this sheet will be donated to fund the conservation of tigers in their natural habitat, and not go to THAT LYIN' BITCH CAROLE.